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Posted by W1zw4rd on March 1, 2011 at 1:01 PM Comments comments (0)

Hiya all. I've entered a 500 word story competetion thanks for the BBC so here it is


"Jack had pulled up his car after returning from the war and couldn't find his family anywhere! He walked into the center of the town. All he could see was emptiness and loneliness as he strolled. The silence deafened him. Not one leaf moved, not one tune playing, no life blossoming, very eerie.The once bustling town was bleak. "What has happened? Life has ended?" He spoke. "There must be something to explain this." So at that moment he decided to go to the town hall where all the important things were kept.  He proceeded to the mainin formation room.  Sweat dribbled down his forehead. "This is really freaking me out." His thoughts screamed. No one was about. He picked up his mobile and dialed , none worked.Things started to get intense. He returned to the safety and sanity of his car where all seemed normal. He tuned on the radio, but got nothing. Just then he spotted a person like robot with armored, metallic skin. With amazing pace it zoomed about almost effortlessly. Jack sat dead still, controlling his breath.this thing turned sinisterly toward him, aimed an arm at him. Jack jumped out of his car. A surging explosion hit both the house and car creating a huge cloud of smoke. Luckily Jack, was unscathed but the robotic thing had disappeared. He now knew something was wrong with all electronic devices,people and plants and a lot more to.  Allthat he needed to do was to locate the source of these robotic thing. He could faintly see lines, vapor trails where the robot had been, but they were fading.At the end of the trails he found a metallic capsule,"Great!"He angrily grunted kicking out. He was shocked as a wall in the capsule opened.Inside he could see green plants and the towns people, as if they were all sucked into this capsule. He came to a control panel. He began searching for what happened. He came to an abort button. He immediately pressed it and the room started to disperse of living things and seemed to get smaller and smaller. It suddenly stopped, the entire room was white. Out zoomed the robot and crashed into Jack sending him sprawling. "Human, what are you doing here?" It beeped

" What are YOU doing here?" Jack asked back.

"Your people mined too deep into our earth and killedus all." It beeped. "I will exact my revenge."

"We humans had no idea what we have been doing, miningis very vital to us. Please just give our people back, I'll help you survive and rebuild?" Jack begged.

The robot shrunk back, exploded and the room collapsed.

Jack stood with his family by his side. He was bedazzled! Hehugged his children then his wife as if they had been apart for a lifetime. But his promise stood true, he was to help and reconstruct the Robot but this is another story. "

There is a lot of words that have for some reason stuck 2gether back i havent enough time to sort take it with a pinch of salt!!


Diary Entry Home-Work

Posted by W1zw4rd on October 14, 2010 at 12:13 PM Comments comments (0)


I have English to make a diary entry for English..Two to learn it off by heart...


ONLY half a page (WHOOPS kinda failed that one lol!)

Well lets see how i did a tincy bit more than half a page!!!

Dear Diary,

We have been hiding away in this makeshift hut, for far too long! The dampness was soaked right through our feelings, extinguishing our happiness that once burned within. Food, is now a luxury, a treat given to us by brave, thoughtful people, every week or more. We have to make the most of food, as it is scarce. To us, the quality of food didn't matter, whatever we get, we eat.

My family have arguments a lot, due to the war, and the rarity of food probably. Their arguments are not even about important things!! Well arguements have to be very silent, otherwise Mum said the Gestapo will be hot on our scent. I loathe the Nazis, I wish they would stop! Just because of our faith- they despise of us! They have ruined our lives, our health and left a deep cut in our memories. Dad said that the Tommies and yanks will be here soon, to save us. Dad showed us a pictures of one of them. Me and my family are wound up on springs- to greet and celebrate freedom or to run. But now we are getting used to it, but i long for the day of freedom.

Well uhh.. gotta learn all of that so uhhh.. l8rz